Traditional Play:

Traditional Play is the original bubble soccer game. It's simple: players play either 5v5
(team sizes may vary depending on the size of the field and number of players
available). Game play is the same as traditional soccer, with one big difference- there
are no goalies! Players try to score as much as possible and prevent the opposing team
from scoring. The game is played in 3 periods of 10 minutes, substitutes are at the
discretion of the referee.
Sharks and Minnows
Start by nominating 1 player to be the shark. The shark will stand in the middle of the
gym or field separate from everyone else. Next, have the rest of the players (the minnows) stand on one side of the field. The object of the game is for the minnows to
get across the gym/field without getting caught by the sharks. If a minnow is caught,
then it becomes a shark as well. Minnows continue to cross from side to side dodging
the sharks. The last minnow to get caught, wins!

Musical Hoops:

Several hoops are set up on the ground in the field of play. The music is turned on, and
the players walk around the hoops. When the music stops, the players race to stand in
the center of a hoop. The player left standing is taken out of the game. Last player left in
the game, wins!

Relay Races:

1. Figure out who's running during each part of the relay and how long each part will be.
2. Warm up and stretch if you haven't already.
3. Go to the part of the track where you will begin your leg of the relay.
4. If you are starting the relay, simply relax and wait for the gun to go off.


As you might imagine, this game requires some players to be the "pins". Depending on
how many players are at the event, we line the pins into 3 or 5 person formations. One
player acts as the bowling ball and gets a running start at the pins and gets two shots to
knock as many pins down as they can.

Sumo Ring:

This game starts with everyone inside a ring of cones. Unlike most of our games, this
game does not have teams, so it's everyone for themselves. The objective is to be the
last one standing and inside of the ring of cones. Once you fall, get knocked down, or
get pushed out of the ring of cones, you must exit the circle until the next round.

Omega Knockerball 500:

We all like to revisit childhood games from time to time, so why not do it with a twist? In
"Omega Knockerball 500," a harmless soft ball is thrown into the air and must be caught
through the hole in the top of your suit and not bounce out. Of course, you also get to
knock your opponents out of the way and to the ground before they are able to catch it.
The first to catch 500 worth of points, wins.

Guardian Angel:

Begin with dividing players evenly into two separate teams. Much like football, there is
an offense and a defensive team. The offensive team selects an Angel to protect and
move across the field to score in the endzone. The opposing team simultaneously tries
to knock down the chosen Angel on the opposite team. Four downs of play. The team
with the most scores wins!

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